Get Your Vaccine For Freedom-#26 by mklp316-Conspiracy

They do seem to want to vaccinate small children as soon as possible

I remember i had a thread on here many yrs ago about our children and vaccs and “chips” and the like.
People questioned my idea that “they” wanted and could vaccs and medicate our kids without our knowledge or consent and without us even knowing.

My answer to how it could be done to our kids without us knowing is…
When my first child was born he was whisked away battered and bruised, nearly lost him, it was some time later that we got to hold him in the emergency nursery, he was taken away at birth and we could not see him for along time afterwards , i never questioned why he was taken from us cause i knew he needed immediate help.

My second child came easy, only bout 5hrs in labour and no problems or complications what so ever, but…he was still taken away too immediately after birth, i never questioned this as i thought they take him away for quick observation and a good wash , before returning him to us to hold and admire.
my whole point here is, and it is also a question to you all…
Do they immediately take all newborns away briefly out of sight of us parents…?, either before or after being washed/cleaned…?
My point being is…For that brief time our newborns are taken away straight after birth and out of sight is the perfect opportunity for the Medical PTB and other Gov PTB to inject, vaccinate, Chip and whatever else they want to do to your newborn, WITHOUT YOU KNOWING.


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