Israeli Woman Tells The World What’s Really Going On In Israel With Vaccines!-#41 by Thecitizen-Health

Just goes to show that Israel always was and will be an experiment and tool for the elites. Sadly most Israeli citizens are stuck in a psychological trap that prevents them from speaking the full truth about the existence of their fabricated country and hypocrisy of their existence. A shame really, every Israeli I have ever met have been very intelligent people, and yet that Palestinian issue is a trigger and a test of who they truly are. Touch that and watch people change right before your eyes. Hard to have sympathy for Israel given its history and astounding criminal record, I certainly have none! The chickens have come home to roost, very few will be able to speak the truth as this woman is doing, and even that will be limited to the plandemic. They won’t touch the fact that this is part of their bigger picture, the fact that Israel is nothing more than a tool, and a disposable one at that…

Also it should be noted, Israel is always at the forefront of many “human rights” campaigns, technological progress and social fads and movements. This is no different, Israel is yet again being positioned as an eternal victim and hero. Shocking! I think it’s obvious they won’t be able to vax everyone, they will settle for incremental gains, pushing it through for all is too risky, and they know it. They will push the boundaries to the max and then back off consolidating their gains. Israel will yet again be painted as a champion of human rights! We’ve seen it too many times before.

This also during a time when the world is yet again quietly waking up to the colossal Zionist parasitical conspiracy that defines our pathetic existence on this planet. Coincidence! I think not, oy vey!


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